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Surgery Botch Up, Man Ends Up With Two Noses

Surgery Botch Up In Operating Room: Man Ends Up With Two Noses!

Chef Don Kahuna is not happy with his new nose.
Chef Don Kahuna is not happy with his new nose.
Don Kahuna, chef and owner of the famous Hula Huli Chicken restaurant in Springfield, Oregon was having problems with throat infections. (They were probably exacerbated by his yelling at his employees on how to cook chicken in his exacting way.) So on doctors recommendations he went into the hospital for a tonsillectomy. When he woke up in his hospital bed after the operation he felt something strange. He scratched his face and felt two noses. He went to the bathroom to look in the mirror. He saw two noses on his face! And to add insult his tonsils were still intact.

“Besides looking ridiculous everything smells twice as bad. Sure, it is OK when something smells good, but if someone farts

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Bush Blow Out Transvestite Ball In White House


Shocking Pictures! MCT Exclusive! We Were There With A Hidden Camera!

The President, Vice President & cabinet members partook in a beauty contest. The President won after a controversy with the vote counting.
The President, Vice President & cabinet members partook in a beauty contest. The President won after a controversy with the vote counting.
President George W. Bush shocked everyone the last night of his presidency and threw a huge transvestite ball in the White House. Conservative Republicans who credit Bush for his strong moral stance are outraged. Not only Bush, but Vice President Dick Cheney, Treasury Secretary Paulson and Ex-Secretaries Rumsfield, Powel, Gonzales and other high ranking government officials  showed up in lavish feminine attire. It was a perverted going away ball for all the current and ex-cabinet members. Only Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice did not show up because she had nothing to wear. Perhaps they thought as everyone was paying attention to the Obama party no one would pay attention to this outrageous event. But MCT was there with a hidden camera.

The President showed a penchant for red dresses and put


Transplanting Goat Stomachs Into Poor People May End Hunger

An End To World Hunger? Surgeon Transplants Goat Stomachs Into Poor People So They Can Eat Grass

A prominent surgeon from the Hoboken, Oregon Medical Institute, Dr. Midros Hienzmucker has perfected a revolutionary way of ending world hunger. Dr. Hienzmucker crafted an operation that transplants a goat stomach into a human stomach. The human recipient with the added goat stomach can then eat grass, or even paper–anything that a goat can eat and digest it. Furthermore the enzymes in the goat stomach process the grass carbohydrates into energy giving nutrition.

“This is a development that has the power to transform the world,” says humanitarian Edzel Frustrawhip. “Dr. Hienzmuckers foresight may create a future world without hunger and make possible

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Woman Sits On Gum On City Bus And Gets Stuck To Seat For Three Years


The amazing survival story of  Mildred Felkelstien’s three year ordeal on a bus!

Mildred Felkelstien is looking happier now that she's free from the bus.
Mildred Felkelstien is looking happier now that she's free from the bus.

Mildred Felkelstien is a retired school teacher who one day went out for a simple bus ride across town to visit her daughter. The bus ride turned into a three year hell after she accidentally sat on some gum and couldn’t get up from the seat. What follows is Mrs. Felkelstien’s own words in an exclusive interview with of how she survived, how she failed to get people to help her, and how she eventually freed herself:

“It all started when I unknowingly sat on some gum that some dirty kid must have spit out. When I tried to get up to get off at my stop I couldn’t get up. Maybe it was some powerful glue that someone put there as a joke–I don’t know– because it held me with a powerful force. Perhaps some construction worker sat there and spilled some heavy duty adhesive. I missed my stop and I was moving around juggling to get up. People just looked at me like I had to pee or something and wouldn’t help me. Finally exhausted I sat back down. When other passengers would sit next to me I would say, ‘Can you help me? I am stuck. Do you have a

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MCT offers Hillary Clinton $29 to pose nude Offers Hillary Clinton $29.95 To Pose Nude

(Originally published in spring 08 before she dropped out of the presidential race. After she dropped out we reduced our offer to $19.95.) will show you the Empress wearing no clothes will show you the Empress wearing no clothes hereby announces that we will pay Hillary Clinton $29.95 to pose nude.

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