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MCT Plants Mic In White House Meeting On What To Do About Wall St Protests

A MCT Exclusive:

MCT Plants A Microphone Into A White House Cabinet Meeting On What To Do About The Occupy Wall Street Protests

Just a few days ago only a handful of news organizations were talking about the growing New York “Occupy Wall Street,” crowd. Now they have everyones’ attention and it is growing into a major movement. As of late Saturday night New York police have arrested 700 people and we will see on Monday if the stock brokers can even get into the NY Stock Exchange.

MCT has learned that President Obama, staff, several cabinet secretaries, and Federal Reserve Chairman “Helicopter” Ben Bernanke just had a Sunday morning emergency meeting in the White House on what to do about the growing movement. As it was Sunday morning the group did not think it was odd that a cleaning lady was in the room dusting. The cleaning lady is one of many MCT sources who recorded the meeting with her concealed cell phone. So here is a MCT exclusive: A transcript of the President, staff, cabinet secretaries and Fed Chairman Bernanke on what to do about the anti-Wall Street protests now going on in New York.

Obama: I have called you guys here on a Sunday because I think we have a big problem with these New York protesters that we need to deal with. We had those Tea Party folks to contend with before, but they were kind of nutty. They were going on about big government and health care stuff and didn’t even know they were on government health care.

Staff Member: Well aren’t these protesters in New York nutty also? They were blocking traffic on

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Artista Violetta Fadda Mostra Al Mondo Arte Vera

Artista Violetta Fadda Mostra Al Mondo Arte Vera

Un Profilo Biografico
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Artist Violetta Fadda Is Showing The World Real Art

Artist Violetta Fadda Is Showing The World Real Art
A Biographical Profile 

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Word Mix-up Disease Afflicting Millions

Word Mix-up Disease Afflicting Millions

Have you ever thought, “The birds are blooming, the sky is singing, the flowers are blue and yet something is wrong?” Everything seems right and going beautiful but still everyone dislikes you. You may be the victim of a discovered newly disorder called, “Word Mix-up Disease.”

According to psychiatrist Dr. Vertold Singsing, “Often Word Mix-up Disease victims are not even aware that they are wording up their mixes. Then they can’t even understand that why weird look at them people, or why no one jokes at their laughs.”

“People always reacted to me as if I nut case like a rambling—even when I witty I was thought saying. But it is a dyslexia just like disorder. The only oral is that it is difference and not visual,” says sufferer word mix-up Jayzeed Flookerbottom who started a Brooklyn word mix-up support group disease.

On the positive note, you may have thought

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