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Chickens Attacking Cell Phone Users

Chickens & Other Birds Attacking Cell Phone Users!

Warning cell phone users! Birds are on attack!
Warning cell phone users! Birds are on attack!

Bud Clampet is an Indiana farmer. Every once in a while Bud would jump in his pick up and visit Chester McFoulden who lives a half mile down the road. Last fall Bud got out of his truck and walked up to Chester who was sitting on his porch.

“How ya doing there ol’ Buddy Boy?”

“Oh, pretty good, pretty good.”

“How is your corn crop going? Your corn looks like shit compared to my corn.”

“My corn is growing great. I think you got turned around and you were looking at your shitty corn.”

The two neighbors laughed as they went on with a typical conversation like many over the last 30 years. But that day something was different. Bud Clampet had his new cell phone in his pocket and it rang. He stopped talking with Chester and began talking into the phone.

“Yes, Yes…. I think that might be OK…..”

Chester sat looking slightly out of place as his visitor went on in his own world, “Well, I think that might be a good way to do it…. Certainly…… I think I can agree to that…… Sure….. But, if ya got to rectify the thing….”

Chester thought about going inside and messing on the computer or getting something to eat, but hoped his friend would get off the phone. Instead the conversation went on.

Then a flock of chickens came out of nowhere, swarmed upon the cell phone talker driving their beaks into his flesh. One chicken jumped

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Extraterrestrials Planting Bugs In Chickens

Extraterrestrials Planting Bugs In Chickens

This looks like a harmless chicken, but beware! It may be a dangerous spy in cahoots with aliens
This looks like a harmless chicken, but beware! It may be a dangerous spy in cahoots with aliens

Are chickens following you and hanging around to hear what you are talking about? You thought it was your imagination. Perhaps you thought again and reasoned, “Chickens following me around to hear what I might say? Absurd!”

You are not the only one who has been wondering, “Why is that chicken following me around?” It turns out strange chicken behaviour has been perplexing thousands of people around the country. FBI officials in several regional offices report getting several calls a day about odd chicken behavior. “The phone calls all start out the same,” says FBI agent George Hentduntly, “‘You may think this is a strange phone call, but there is this odd chicken….'”

These odd chicken antics can now be explained

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