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Frank Sinatra Still Alive! Seen With Elvis Presley

The King & The Chairman
The King & The Chairman
Great news for music fans! The greatest crooner of them all, Frank Sinatra, is still alive. Numerous tourists saw the Chairman of the Board hanging out with Elvis Presley at his Graceland mansion—and one even got a photo (pictured here). Apparently his death was a rumor or just misreported. Witnesses reported that not only is Sinatra alive but that he appears healthy and in good spirits.

“This is the most fantastic news I ever heard,” exclaimed Sinatra Biographer Helmut Verstien. “We can only hope that unlike Elvis Presley, the Chairman will get tired of not being in the limelight and resume his singing career.”

Others were ecstatic with the news that Sinatra is doing well. “I came here to Graceland because I love Elvis,” said 74 year old New Jersey tourist George Dashyevsky. “But not only did I see Elvis himself, I saw Frank Sinatra also! Can you believe that? Wow!”

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