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Zip PT Zoingzoing’s Adventures In Outer Space Paperback Edition Now Out

Zip PT Zoingzoing’s Adventures In Outer Space is now available in paperback as well as an ebook via Amazon. Click the links to check it out…

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MCT is on sabbatical for now… but history repeats itself. So by clicking around and below you’ll find 100+ articles published here over the years that will always be relevant:

Jan. 2014 Additional note from MCT CEO Brian Friedkin: From 2004 to some years ago I regularly published articles here and then I lost interest–even though I updated the site in Summer 2013. Many things like reader comments and polls are still missing but almost everything else is here. So if you are stimulated by this stuff click the links to Amazon and read my book, Zip PT Zoingzoing’s Adventures In Outer Space.

    You can even start reading it right now by clicking here…

Zip PT Zoingzoing’s Adventures In Outer Space

MCT Author Brian Friedkin’s Book Is Available Now On Amazon – Zip PT Zoingzoing’s Adventures In Outer Space

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If you have such rotten taste to be on the MCT web site you will also be stimulated by Brian Friedkin’s new book, Zip PT Zoingzoing’s Adventures In Outer SpaceAn outrageous travelogue through the Milky Way Galaxy. Renegade astronaut Zip PT Zoingzoing teamed up with Brian Friedkin to tell his story about traveling from planet to planet and encountering strangely familiar and crazy life forms. Below is one of the shortest chapters for you to sample, “The Planet Of Tiny Lights,” which is also dramatized above [via YouTube] by the Hoboken, Oregon Shakespeare Guild.
So click on this unique audio book excerpt– if you are stimulated blast off to Amazon to get more info, reviews, read the introduction, other excerpts and get the book, Zip PT Zoingzoing’s Adventures In Outer Space

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--Click here to read the short chapter, THE PLANET OF TINY LIGHTS

MCT Gets A Microphone Once Again into An Obama Cabinet Meeting -Democrats To Change Name To Republicans In 2012

MCT Gets A Microphone Once Again into An Obama Cabinet Meeting

-Democrats To Change Name To Republicans In 2012

MCT has scored another scoop. Once again we got a microphone into an Obama cabinet meeting. In this meeting Obama and cabinet discuss their plans on how to win the up and coming election in 2012. Here is the transcript:

President Obama: Hello cabinet and staff members. I have called this meeting because I want to start formulating and putting into action our plan to get reelected. We have several strategies that we need to implement.

VP Biden: Sorry to interrupt Barry. But I think that we cannot, by law, devote our government business here to campaigning. Don’t we have to do that in our off hours?

President Obama: Of course, Joey, you’re talking about the Hatch Act that prohibits federal employees, except the president and vice president, from engaging in political activities on the job. But I think it’s OK if you and I talk about it and everyone else just listens. But aren’t there other exemptions?

VP Biden: You may have a point. But perhaps we need a legal clarification. Attorney General Holder, you are the chief attorney in the country. What do you think?

President Obama: Oh no. Not again. Who brought in the cardboard cutout this time?

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MCT Plants Mic In White House Meeting On What To Do About Wall St Protests

A MCT Exclusive:

MCT Plants A Microphone Into A White House Cabinet Meeting On What To Do About The Occupy Wall Street Protests

Just a few days ago only a handful of news organizations were talking about the growing New York “Occupy Wall Street,” crowd. Now they have everyones’ attention and it is growing into a major movement. As of late Saturday night New York police have arrested 700 people and we will see on Monday if the stock brokers can even get into the NY Stock Exchange.

MCT has learned that President Obama, staff, several cabinet secretaries, and Federal Reserve Chairman “Helicopter” Ben Bernanke just had a Sunday morning emergency meeting in the White House on what to do about the growing movement. As it was Sunday morning the group did not think it was odd that a cleaning lady was in the room dusting. The cleaning lady is one of many MCT sources who recorded the meeting with her concealed cell phone. So here is a MCT exclusive: A transcript of the President, staff, cabinet secretaries and Fed Chairman Bernanke on what to do about the anti-Wall Street protests now going on in New York.

Obama: I have called you guys here on a Sunday because I think we have a big problem with these New York protesters that we need to deal with. We had those Tea Party folks to contend with before, but they were kind of nutty. They were going on about big government and health care stuff and didn’t even know they were on government health care.

Staff Member: Well aren’t these protesters in New York nutty also? They were blocking traffic on

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