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world leaders read MCT

World leaders read MCTs For An Unique Perspective Perhaps that’s why the world’s so fucked up.

Million if not true

MCT will pay $1,000,000 to anyone who can prove any of our articles are not true.

To make a claim for your $1,000,000 send us an email. Please include a Shakespeare sonnet in the subject line and then translate Joyce’s, ‘Finnagans Wake’ into Swahili in the letter body. Only original translations will be accepted. Then the next available operator will contact you. Thank you.

No links

Why no MCT link section? Recall the first years of the Internet. It was content-less bunch of web sites that just linked to other web sites. A nauseating circle of links to links. The links stop here!

MCT–Content only!

MCT no tree waste

We have no tree wasting print edition. So you cannot use our publication for toilet paper. MCT–unlike The NY Times--is only for reading!

MCT Has The News

Tell it!
Tell it!

MCT Has The News You Need To Know!

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