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fuck everyone

MCT has no Facebook page.
MCT has no Twitter page.
MCT has no Myspace page.
Fuck Facebook, Fuck Twitter and Fuck Myspace.
–And Fuck Google Also As Long As We’re At it!

No Goggle Ads?

No Google Ads!?
Google Tried To Censor MCT
So We Censored Google

Fuck Google!

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Recycled Toilet Paper, How Do They Get The Shit Out and Is It Sanitary?

Recycled Toilet Paper—Questions Arise On How Toilet Paper Manufacturers Get The Shit Out

Did the toilet paper co. completely clean out the shit? We would hesitate to look closely or smell it to make sure.
Did the toilet paper co. completely clean out the shit? We would hesitate to look closely or smell it to make sure.
Everywhere you look you see recycled products. Newspapers are made with recycled newspapers. Recycled bags in the grocery store, recycled paper towels. salutes the paper industry’s endeavours to save trees by using recycled paper. But we have to draw the line on toilet paper. Just how do you get the shit out? And is it even possible to get the shit completely out? Are toilet paper companies sacrificing our health and sanitation for profits? Recycled toilet paper may look white, but we believe it still must harbour bacteria. We do not want to look closely and we will certainly not smell it to test if all the shit got cleaned out. launched an investigation into this dirty business of recycling toilet paper. MCT CEO and head investigative reporter, Brian Friedkin took a trip to a local sewage treatment plant to discover just how and under what conditions the toilet paper companies gather up the used toilet paper. He reports:

I entered through the sewage plant gates and saw many huge concrete vats of steaming shit. The smell was strong. An employee

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Internet Dark Side, Underworld Of People Publishing Pet Poodle Photos

The Dark Side Of The Internet: There Is A Growing Underworld Of People Publishing And Exchanging Photos Of Pet Poodles

The most pornographic photo we have ever published.
The most pornographic photo we have ever published.

A editorial
Recently as I was surfing the web I accidentally hit on a random page and made a startling discovery. It is shocking and maybe you know something about it. There is an underworld of people publishing and exchanging photos of poodles. It shocked me to see peoples’ horrid pet poodle photos. To think people actually own and live with these little rat dogs–that is bad enough. But to subject other people to this repulsiveness and publish the photos on the Internet–oh, the horror!

Why is it that there is pornography blocking software, but no poodle blocking software? Many Internet sites discourage naked humans and people engaged in sexual

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Man Lets Out Hellacious Fart In Mexican Restaurant, 3 Dead

Man Lets Out Hellacious Fart In Mexican Restaurant, 3 Dead

Officials examining the fart destruction.
Officials examining the fart destruction.
It may have been the strongest human fart in recorded history and the results were tragic. A Hoboken, Oregon man, who was a long time sufferer of gas, let out a fart yesterday in a Mexican restaurant and killed three people.

It must have been a terrible way to go. The district attorney is deciding whether to charge the man with anything. Several people were asphyxiated and paramedics who rushed to the scene had to give many restaurant patrons CPR. The unfortunate victims, who authorities determined died from suffocation, sat at an adjacent table near the fart perpetrator where the air circulation was poor. The restaurant owner denies that the restaurant’s beans were the cause.

With the growing population of obese people the potential for dangerous gas build up in these giant sized intestines has increased. Dr. Melville McKrauten said, “I have seen some big intestines in big bellies. An immense amount of methane gas can

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