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Astronaut Gets Sucked Through A Wormhole From Alternative Universe Where Apple Has A Monopoly On Computers But The Health-Care System Runs Well

Astronaut Gets Sucked Through A Wormhole From Alternative Universe Where Apple Has A Monopoly On Computers But The Health-Care System Runs Well

About a year ago we published an article,  Alternative Universe Is Discovered That Is Exactly Like Earth Except Rock And Roll Is Unpopular And Polka Music Is The Rave. It was about astronaut Jeral Googorston’s experience getting sucked through a worm hole from an alternative universe that was exactly like this universe– expect the alternative universe has polka wherever we have rock and roll. Now another astronaut has come out of the closet. Zebenhouser Verilstiener says he had a similar experience that astronaut Jeral Googerston had during a routine space walk only 5 months ago. When he returned to earth he couldn’t believe how advanced all the computers were.

Verilstiener told his story, “I thought I was nuts. In my universe Apple manufactures all computers  and they’re outrageously expensive. Color computers cost 6000 bucks and

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Jehovah Witnesses And Mormons In Major Turf Wars Over Door to Door Trafficking

Jehovah Witnesses And Mormons In Major Turf Wars Over Door to Door Trafficking

Missionaries like these are causing havoc across the country.
Missionaries like these are causing havoc across the country.
Both the Mormon and Jehovah Witness religions are growing and it was inevitable that the two groups would clash on the streets. It’s getting ugly out there. Turf battles are erupting between Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons. Police in several cities across the nation have had to break up brawls between the two religious sects.

Wilma Butercup, an agnostic from Hoboken, Oregon, thought she had a problem just shooing the proselytizers away. Last Monday right when a group of Jehovah Witnesses approached Butercup’s door she saw Mormons coming up her front steps from the other direction. A major brawl erupted with each group yelling at each other and tossing flower pots. Butercup called the cops, but major damage already occurred before police broke up the fight. Garden flowers were uprooted and the place was strewn over with torn Watchtower pages and Mormon pamphlets.

“It’s getting bad out here,” says

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Chickens Attacking Cell Phone Users

Chickens & Other Birds Attacking Cell Phone Users!

Warning cell phone users! Birds are on attack!
Warning cell phone users! Birds are on attack!

Bud Clampet is an Indiana farmer. Every once in a while Bud would jump in his pick up and visit Chester McFoulden who lives a half mile down the road. Last fall Bud got out of his truck and walked up to Chester who was sitting on his porch.

“How ya doing there ol’ Buddy Boy?”

“Oh, pretty good, pretty good.”

“How is your corn crop going? Your corn looks like shit compared to my corn.”

“My corn is growing great. I think you got turned around and you were looking at your shitty corn.”

The two neighbors laughed as they went on with a typical conversation like many over the last 30 years. But that day something was different. Bud Clampet had his new cell phone in his pocket and it rang. He stopped talking with Chester and began talking into the phone.

“Yes, Yes…. I think that might be OK…..”

Chester sat looking slightly out of place as his visitor went on in his own world, “Well, I think that might be a good way to do it…. Certainly…… I think I can agree to that…… Sure….. But, if ya got to rectify the thing….”

Chester thought about going inside and messing on the computer or getting something to eat, but hoped his friend would get off the phone. Instead the conversation went on.

Then a flock of chickens came out of nowhere, swarmed upon the cell phone talker driving their beaks into his flesh. One chicken jumped

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US Medical Insurance Complex Cartel To Join Forces With OPEC

US Medical Insurance Complex Cartel To Join Forces With OPEC

A consortium of American doctors, the AMA, all the major health insurance companies, and pharmaceutical conglomerates are all grouping together and joining OPEC. An insurance company executive told MCT that, “The top level officials in the health-care industrial complex finally got together to take this action to protect and preserve our industry and way of life.”

“This is a solid business model that will insure big and continued profits,” said Laughlin Helicaninswarm, a journalist for Big Moat Monopoly Economic Review.

So far the organization has not chosen a new acronym or name yet. But here are some of the new name ideas:

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MCT Suggestions For Improving The Winter Olympics

MCT Suggestions For Improving The Winter Olympics

Even though we are big winter sports enthusiasts here at MCT we did not watch much of the winter Olympics. The MCT mansion in Hoboken, Oregon is just down the road from a fantastic ski area, Willamette Pass. So we are there often engaged in winter sports, not on our asses watching other people doing it. Also because MCT CEO Brian Friedkin has a low tolerance for stupid shit there is no TV in the MCT mansion.

We only saw the Olympics when we went to bars that had TVs up on the walls. But there are other reasons why none of us went out of our way to watch the Olympics. MCT CEO Brain Friedkin, an avid skier himself, went into a bar and saw on the screen guys pushing a big tea kettle down the ice with other guys cleaning the floor with brooms. He stated the obvious, “That curling shit is not a sport.” The Olympics are full of things that are not sports. For example, the

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