Alternative Polka Universe

Alternative Universe Is Discovered That Is Exactly Like Earth Except Rock And Roll Is Unpopular And Polka Music Is The Rave

In the worm hole

Can you imagine a world where the Beatles and the Rolling Stones are nobodies and Sven Jorgensen and His Yodeling Accordion Quartet are more popular than Jesus Christ? Can you image a world where the accordion is like the electric guitar and hip musicians don’t play bass—they play tuba?

For years doctors thought astronaut Jeral Googorston was crazy. Googorston even thought he was crazy himself. Jeral Googorstron had everything going for him. In 1991 he launched into space as a member of the space shuttle. In a routine spacewalk during the mission something strange happened to Googorston. He explained it to MCT:

“While I was space walking outside the shuttle I had an inexplicable experience. It felt like I

was sucked into a giant vacuum and I was speeding through a tunnel of light. Then I saw myself float right by me. All of a sudden I was right back where I was before on the outside of the space shuttle as if nothing happened. I thought I had a hallucination. The whole thing took just seconds so I didn’t mention anything to anyone until I got back to earth. I had almost put it out of my mind until I went through my record collection and saw all my polka records had been changed. Instead of Sven Jorgensen and His Yodeling Accordion Quartet walking across Abbey Road there were these strange four guys called the Beatles. I was a big fan of the Rolling Accordions. I saw all of my albums were now changed to the Rolling Stones.

 “I said to my wife, ‘What happened to my record and CD collection? What is this stuff?’

“With further explanation I said to my wife, ‘Are you telling me you don’t know who Sven Jorgensen is?’

“I was astonished when my wife answered, ‘Who?’

“My wife said to me, ‘Are you telling me you don’t know who John Lennon is?’

“She was astonished when I answered, ‘Who?’

“Later it became clear that I was somehow switched from an alternative universe where everything is identical to earth, except that you guys have rock and roll and on my earth we have polka. In the other dimension, where I am from, wherever you have a guitar we have an accordion. Wherever you have these bass guitars we have tubas. I know you are laughing. But believe me, everyone in the other dimension loves polka music like you guys love rock and roll. I talked to NASA officials about it. This lead them to commit me to an insane asylum. But I think you guys are the nuts listening to rock and roll.”

“But haven’t you gained an appreciation for rock and roll? What do you think of it now?” we asked.

“I am not too crazy about it. You just have to imagine yourself in my shoes. If you got transported to the other dimension what would you say if someone asked, ‘What do you think about polka music?’”

For years NASA kept this story suppressed. NASA didn’t want it in the open that one of its astronauts was insane. But in recent years theoretical physicists and astrophysics are confirming that wormholes in space can suck people into different dimensions. Even Stephen Hawkings has confirmed wormholes leading to alternate dimensions are a physical possibility. NASA psychologists laid off the idea that astronaut Jeral Googorston is insane. So now astronaut Jeral Googorston can come out in the open and tell his amazing story.