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Chickens Attacking Cell Phone Users

Chickens & Other Birds Attacking Cell Phone Users! Bud Clampet is an Indiana farmer. Every once in a while Bud would jump in his pick up and visit Chester McFoulden who lives a half mile down the road. Last fall Bud got out of his truck and walked up to Chester who was sitting on his porch. “How

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Chickens, More MCT BS
Extraterrestrials Planting Bugs In Chickens

Extraterrestrials Planting Bugs In Chickens Are chickens following you and hanging around to hear what you are talking about? You thought it was your imagination. Perhaps you thought again and reasoned, “Chickens following me around to hear what I might say? Absurd!” You are not the only one who has been wondering, “Why is that chicken following me

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