Frank Sinatra Still Alive! Seen With Elvis Presley

The King & The Chairman Great news for music fans! The greatest crooner of them all, Frank Sinatra, is still alive. Numerous tourists saw the Chairman of the Board hanging out with Elvis Presley at his Graceland mansion—and one even got a photo (pictured here). Apparently his death was a rumor or just misreported. Witnesses reported that not only is Sinatra alive but that he appears healthy and in good spirits.

“This is the most fantastic news I ever heard,” exclaimed Sinatra Biographer Helmut Verstien. “We can only hope that unlike Elvis Presley, the Chairman will get tired of not being in the limelight and resume his singing career.”

Others were ecstatic with the news that Sinatra is doing well. “I came here to Graceland because I love Elvis,” said 74 year old New Jersey tourist George Dashyevsky. “But not only did I see Elvis himself, I saw Frank Sinatra also! Can you believe that? Wow!”

It is not clear as to whether Sinatra is actually rooming up with Elvis, or if he was just paying the King a visit. Numerous visitors to the Graceland mansion have reported seeing the pair over the last two weeks. They obviously get on very well together.

It was only natural that the two super singers ended up pals according to music critics like Rolling Stone writer, Bernie Reedbuts, “They have so much in common. Elvis faked his death because he was tired of all the attention. He was sick of critics saying he was a bloated has-been that wore stupid looking jump suits. Frank Sinatra also got weary of the attention. In the last years before his supposed “death” critics were jumping on him just like they did on Elvis. People were saying his voice wasn’t like it used to be and that he was past his prime.

“I wouldn’t doubt it if it was Elvis himself who recommended to Sinatra that he fake his death to shut up all of the know nothing critics. It worked for Elvis and he has been living a tranquil life since then. Sinatra took Presley’s advice and he has had a very peaceful last few years. The super famous are incessantly hounded by fans and gossip columnists. It gets old after a few years–so many famous people fake their deaths to get rid of the parasites.”

Because of that reason many people in the music industry don’t think that the Chairman will resume his singing career. But record company officials are doing their damnest to track down Sinatra and offer him millions to record new material. It would be just the thing to revive the suffering recording labels who are in the doldrums due to MP3s and a poor economy. According to inside sources, record labels have offered Sinatra and Presley 100 million each to record an album of duets together.

“If anything can get those guys out of seclusion the 100 million may be it,” says veteran columnist Arty Muckcrack. “But then, those guys got everything they could possibly want anyway—so I wouldn’t expect a CD anytime soon.”

Though no one is expecting new music anytime soon many Sinatra fans are just happy he’s doing well. “I’d give anything to hear him sing again,” said long time Sinatra fan Molly Etherbucket, “but if not, it’s great to see from the pictures that ol’ Blue Eyes is healthy and content.”