Google Attempts To Censor Meltingclocktimes

Google Attempts To Censor

Has Google Jumped The Shark? & Is It Turning Into Just Another Giant Bureaucratic Quagmire Bullshit Corporation?

If you have been on MCT before you may have noticed there were Google ads on the left column that are not there anymore. In fact, don’t you think the site looks better without that crap there? The AdamEve ad on the right looks much better and generates four times the revenue that the Google ads did–(for MCT-who knows what Google’s take is?)

So why are the Google ads gone? We should have got rid of that crap sooner. However, Google decided to do us the favor and stopped the ads themselves. A Google Elf named, “Adsence-Noreply” sent us an email that said unless we change “violations” they would cut off the ads. In other words, Google tried to censor MCT. Just who the fuck are they to tell us what content to publish? If Google doesn’t want to get involved with porno that is their business. But MCT is not a porno site, it is a satire site.

The email said change a page, which may be only an example-or maybe not. And I guess it meant change similar things, even though most everything on MCT is unique. Since no one will tell MCT what to publish we did nothing. We would have told Google to fuck off, but it is impossible to reach a real person at Google. And just how do you respond to “noreply” anyway? So Google cut the ads.

What page was it that they didn’t like? –>

We won’t say because we would like anyone to try and find an objective example of blatant porno on MCT that would warrant cutting MCT. Try and guess and write which one you think it was in the comment section. If anyone guesses we will give them a grand prize of $4.99. Here is a clue: it was a very old page. Probably few read it and it bothered no one, including Google, before. Perhaps they just didn’t find it. You know, Google search just doesn’t work that good a lot of the time!

Here is what I wonder: Is there a Google bureaucrat mental midget that spends all day surfing the Internet looking to bust their idea of adsence violators? Or, is there a spider/robot that surfs the net looking for this stuff? Either way I smell something rotten in Denmark. It means Google is entrenched with bureaucratic shit heads who do no good for anyone and/or there are Google robots trying to keep Internet content inline–which is pretty scary. Then when they nab you they threaten you with a email that you cannot reply to.

Say for example, you were a computer geek and started company like Google. You made the best search engine and a mess of other innovative things like Google maps and a good email system. Then you get fucking big and you get to a point that you send out emails to people that they cannot reply to? What the fuck is that? Is Google jumping the shark with things like no reply email, entrenched bureaucratic shitheads and/or Google robot compliance police? Is the giant Google apparatus is serving us or are we serving it? Matt Taibbi wrote that Goldman Sachs “Is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity.” You can say that Google is a giant vampire squid also. It has gotten so big that last week even that the notorious monopoly Microsoft filed an antitrust complaint against Google to the European Commission. According to,  “Google is facing antitrust allegations on multiple fronts.”

People years ago used to like Microsoft. Then things changed. Is now the time people start disliking Google? It looks like they have jumped the shark. Now that Google got everyone hooked on their products it may just become a giant corporate Frankenstein that will serve itself rather than its users. Instead of a bunch of geeks making useful software tools they may start looking more like a bloodsucking monopoly bent on feeding itself with profits–and no one, not even the pioneer Google geeks with good values and intentions, will be able to control it anymore. Because the American way for big corporations isn’t just doing your job, serving society and getting a fair wage. The American way for big corporations like Google has become doing whatever you can to make giant profits–in essence, gouge people for whatever you can get away with, get way overpaid and wipe out your competitors to further insure that. And it doesn’t matter if you serve no useful purpose as long as you can convince people otherwise. There are countless examples of it, from fast food crap to soda pop to the health insurance companies and the financial industry. It looks like Google may be heading in this direction.

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