Hospital Mess Up: Sex Change Patient Mixed Up With Nose Job Patient

Victim of a botched surgery, this patient now has a nose in the groin area.
Victim of a botched surgery, this patient now has a nose in the groin area.
Unfortunately doctors sometimes mess up. One recent medical screw up is causing a controversy.  In a Hoboken, Oregon hospital surgeons mixed up a nose job patient and a sex change patient. The sex change patient ended up with a nose in-between his or her legs. The nose job patient ended up with a vagina-like creation in the middle of her face.

“This lack of professionalism is outrageous,” said a patient rights advocate Hector Fubocella. “Both of these doctors and the hospital deserve big fines and suspension of licenses.”

A spokesman for Hoboken General Hospital released a brief statement saying, “We regret the error and we are working to insure future mistakes will not happen.”

The sex change operation victim, who wished to remain anonymous, told, “You bet I am suing. You have no idea how terrible it is to pee out of a nose. All of my life I have been confused about my sexuality and now

this! I have a fucking nose there! I have no idea if I am a man or a woman or what.”

The botched nose job patient, who also wished to remain anonymous, told by phone that she is talking to lawyers. “I need to wear panties on my face and everything smells fishy. I wouldn’t dare go out in public without covering it. My husband likes it, but he is crazy.”

Although officials at the Hoboken, Oregon hospital are trying to reassure patients that everything is OK, some patients have transferred to other area hospitals. Victor Jickmotlov was scheduled for a gall bladder operation. When he heard about the mix up he canceled the operation and is planning to have it in another hospital. “Who knows what could happen? Would they refasten my gall bladder to my forehead? I ain’t taking any chances.”

However, not everyone was alarmed in a negative way by the mishap. investigative reporters asked hospital receptionists if there were many shocked callers contacting the hospital switch board. A hospital operator told us that several people have been calling to inquire about getting a vagina installed on their face.

According to fashion writer Zazold Resenjourser, “In this age of mutilated piercings, wild tattoos, plastic surgery as high fashion and a culture bent on the next outrageous sexual kick, sex organs on the face could get big in the fashion world.”

If sex organs on the face is not odd enough, Dr. Wilburd McZarken recently wrote in Sexual Trends Magazine that, “Interest in new fetishes, i.e. sexual attraction to things like noses and vacuum cleaners is increasing. This is evidenced by the success of web sites like It would not surprise me if people with these proclivities start grafting noses to their genital areas.”

In light of this a hospital spokesman Ebert Zingditle explained the hospital will not fix the screw ups and give the victims free repair operations, “This mix up was a mistake and we regret it. However, the medical profession learns from mistakes. One day people will pay a lot money to undergo what these patients underwent now that they know it can be done. The patients should be happy to be on the forefront of cosmetic surgery technology and in the avant guardia of future fashion instead of threatening to sue us.”

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