Internet Dark Side, Underworld Of People Publishing Pet Poodle Photos

The Dark Side Of The Internet: There Is A Growing Underworld Of People Publishing And Exchanging Photos Of Pet Poodles

The most pornographic photo we have ever published.

A editorial
Recently as I was surfing the web I accidentally hit on a random page and made a startling discovery. It is shocking and maybe you know something about it. There is an underworld of people publishing and exchanging photos of poodles. It shocked me to see peoples’ horrid pet poodle photos. To think people actually own and live with these little rat dogs–that is bad enough. But to subject other people to this repulsiveness and publish the photos on the Internet–oh, the horror!

Why is it that there is pornography blocking software, but no poodle blocking software? Many Internet sites discourage naked humans and people engaged in sexual –>

acts. Google, the world’s biggest Internet advertising service, does not permit ads on porno sites. But there are no restrictions for anything on poodle sites. Also, content blocking software does nothing to hide children and unwitting Internet surfers from revolting pet poodles.

How dare we allow deranged poodle owners with their warped fetish for midget mutants to post photos on the public computer networks for all to see. Posting pictures of poodles must stop. All content blocking software must include poodle blocking safeguards. Right now you can go and click to see a random blog. You can safeguard yourself from getting a blog devoted to bukakes or S&M. Likewise you can go to and click “stumble” to see a random blog, or web site. If it is X rated you can opt out if you aren’t interested. However, there are no safeguards to prevent anyone from getting a blog with pictures of poodles!

Readers, we must stop this indecency! Please write to your congressman and senators and urge them to enact legislation to protect unwitting people from having to see photos of people’s pet poodles. Did you know that about five years ago the US Congress passed a bill increasing the fines for whoever the censors deem as indecent. A huge financial crisis was in the making at this time but the US Congress was attending to more important matters. Congress was taking swift action to enable the FCC to thwart future things like Janet Jackson’s openhearted 2004 Super Bowl exposure of her beautiful bazooka. However, Congress not only missed and did nothing about the the financial crisis around the corner, they also failed to safeguard people from horrid poodle photos. What happens if an unsuspecting person is browsing the Internet and accidentally clicks on a photo of someone’s pet poodle? Why are there no laws against this kind of horror? No one is going to get fined for subjecting someone to a poodle. We at think this is an outrage!