Last Woman Who Had A Plastic Pink Flamingo In Yard And Was Not Joking Dies

Last Woman Who Had A Plastic Pink Flamingo In Yard And Was Not Joking Dies

–But Bad Taste Is Still Thriving
The generation born before WW II had terrible taste. Tuna casserole, fast food, suburbia, all are inventions of that generation. Plastic flowers, plastic floors and counters, were all non existent before these people existed. They have parted their warped values down to the younger generations–but not all have lasted. The last woman who had a plastic pink flamingo in her yard and wasn’t even joking about it has died.

“It is hard to say stuff bad about this generation because they survived the depression, and fought WW II. But something must have been in the air that made people go nuts. What would compel someone to put a plastic pink flamingo in their yard and not even be joking?” wondered philosopher Ellvord Stikenbuberoo. “After WW II everything started going to hell–the only thing that improved really was race relations in the US. Just look pre WW II photos. Americans were well dressed. Most buildings were well designed and aesthetically pleasing. The plastic pink flamingo generation came up with polyester leisure suits. Another thing this generation came up with is Naugahyde–fake plastic leather. Why would anyone in their right mind make or –>

buy that stuff?”

“Young people have terrible taste that is even worse than their grandparents,” countered Dr. Resimeroid Jabberwatoosi, an analyst at the Hoboken, Oregon Zapzinger think tank. “Look at the billions people spend on crappy fast food. If that’s not evidence that Americans still have terrible taste, what is? Is anything much different now that the last women who had a pink flamingo and was serious about it died? We think although plastic pink flamingo usage has gone down, bad taste in other areas has increased. Drug abuse is much more common among hippie and post hippie generations. Drugs became integral to the newer generation’s culture. The older WW II generation may have put plastic pink flamingos in their yards, wore polyester leisure suits and bought Naugahyde couches but their bad taste cannot compare with a culture that has doped themselves up with a multitude of drugs.”

Ellvord Stikenbuberoo countered Dr. Jabberwatoosi and stated, “that the massive drug abuse of the new generations is a symptom of the dispiriting environment of ugly box buildings and endless asphalt parking lot lagoons that dominate the American landscape. And the plastic pink flamingo generation invented that crappy suburbia. At least the newer generations had rock and roll. Who were music icons of the plastic pink flamingo generation? Bing Crosby and Lawrence Welk?”

“Oh come on,” countered Dr. Jabberwatoosi, “There were many great musicians in that Generation also; Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, to name a few. While good music is one of a few American cultural strong points what about the political leaders that the younger generation picks? Is that not evidence that they have worse taste that the plastic pink flamingo generation?”

“Which generation elected people like Joseph McCarthy and Richard Nixon?”

The debate on which generation has the worst taste is taking over the Internet flame wars. The Intelligence Squared Society is planning on holding a public debate with Jabberwatoosi, Stikenbuberoo and other panelists on the topic, “Did The Plastic Pink Flamingo Generation Have Even Worse Taste Than Americans Living Today?”

And what generation does MCT think had the worst taste? Thousands of readers of all ages are visiting MCT. Is that not proof that all generations have equally bad taste?