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MCT end of the decade prognostication for the next decade and beyond: Predictions For The Future

Last updated in 2011 But still relevant!

–MCT prognostication for the next decade and beyond in the case civilization does not collapse. (So the predictions here may not happen.) You will never find a more absurd, bizarre, off the wall but at the same time convincing prediction of the future.

Are humans smarter than yeast? Yeast reproduce like crazy, eat up all their food and then die from starvation (resource depletion) and from their poisonous excrement waste (pollution). So we may have a future of Apocalypse and collapse. The world will be thrown into a new dark age with untold misery. In case this doesn’t happen–and we don’t believe this outcome will be less likely– we predict the the following possibilities:

Here are MCT predictions of how the human race may adapt to limited resources, or even newly found and utilized resources, (for example–a discovery of how to harness nuclear fusion or a solar energy breakthrough with people adapting to vast energy cut backs.)

So if the human race, for example, gets rid of cars or figures a way of electrifying transportation via trains and batteries with wind power (or a less likely nuclear fusion scenario) collapse may not happen. The following predicts a future if the human race turns out to be more adaptable than warlike, suicidal and destructive and not quite as dumb as yeast. What will life be like then? If things keep on going and growing and things turn out like the below you might think collapse will not be so terrible. Let’s just hope the future won’t have too much famine and misery. According to the world would need eight earths for everyone to have lifestyle like the average American. So the below is a prediction of how the world may adapt to the future without a collapse—and it could be just as bad. –>

Food and Agriculture
Nuclear fusion or perhaps some sort of massive war to build up wind power with a technological solar advance will generate cheap energy making possible desalination of ocean water and the irrigation of the Sahara, Southwest American, Kalahari deserts. However, these areas will only produce food in the winter because of intense heat in the summer. Because of global warming Siberia and Canada will be the richest agriculture areas in the world.

Even though more desert and areas now too cold for productive agriculture will increase the land area for agriculture, there will still be starvation once again confirming Malthus. Just as our tractors, fertilizer and ability to transport crops to far away markets would have bedazzled people two hundred years ago, future technology will bedazzle us. If a farmer from 200 years ago could materialize and see that even with our advanced technology people are still starving in the world it would also amaze him. Future population growth will also curtail any technological progress.

I wrote an article about transplanting goat stomachs into people so they can eat and digest grass and recycled newspapers. (link) Perhaps this will come about as a way to feed the teeming populations. But an easier way will evolve. Future agriculture will feed billions of people by growing the crops that give the most bang for the buck. Cows that require much water and 6 pounds of grain or grass to get one pound of meat will be rare. Even chickens who require several times the grain to get half a portion back of eggs or meat will be uncommon. So agribusiness will produce genetically altered concoctions like bean and rice mush, soy/ corn mush–it will be like dry bulk dog food. It will contain the minimum dietary nutritional elements to sustain humans. Agriculture will only focus on mass production; food freshness, taste, and flavor will be unimportant. So how will people be satisfied with this food? Food technologists will come up with pills that will make slop taste good. These pills will be so effective that the pills–not e-book readers and illiteracy– will make paper obsolete. The pills will even make paper absolutely delicious. So all the paper will get eaten up.

Because people will be eating slop and little fresh food they will be unhealthy. But wait a second, you say. Don’t a lot of Americans eat fast food slop already? Yes. We always hear that Americans spend more of their GNP percentage-wise on heath-care because our system is wasteful with many insurance parasites. Two things you never hear about that make US health-care so expensive: 1) All of the workers in it, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment suppliers, and most doctors are overpaid on top of the 30% that feeds the purely parasitic insurance industry.

But there is another factor that makes US health-care more expensive: The poor diets of many American people. France, Italy and Japan all pay less for health care because almost everyone eats well. Even England, not famous for their cuisine, has less crap than the US. When I was in England I was struck by the lack of crap in the grocery stores compared to the US.

Food And Equality In America
Perhaps ten to thirty percent of Americans eat normal good food. But if you feed your kids crap like soda pop and junk food they will not develop physically and mentally. America, the egalitarian, classless society will become more inegalitarian and class divisions will grow because Americans actually will be unequal mentally and physically because of the crap their parents feed them that stunted their physical and mental development. This is not a prediction, but something already happening that will get worse. Proof: Ask anyone in their mid forties how many trailer parks and people living in the streets they remember in the sixties or early seventies. Ask older people. Even the depression was more egalitarian (even though it was racist in those days). While many people have written that the health insurance industry parasitically sucks 30% of health care costs few people have written that the poor diet many Americans eat and lack of exercise has increased health care costs by 40%. One publication that did point this out was the Wall Street Journal who profiled Safeway, who gave cash incentives to employees to improve their health and cut costs 40%. ( ) Another recent study concluded that obesity actually decreases brain size. ( )

So, since only elites and small cults in remote areas will eat animal products and real food and fossil fuels will be diminished, where will the fertilizer come from to grow all of this mush? Human shit will not go into the ocean in the future!

We are already seeing the start of several of these things. Food, based on food-like substances made from soy and corn –read “The Omnivore ‘s Dilemma”, by M. Pollan–will be the precursor of slop. And how could slop actually be worse than the junk food people already eat?

People will rarely have sex with each other. They with have sex with elaborate computerized sex machines that will be 3D touchy feely movies. These machines will just be the natural evolution of computers and home entertainment centers. More junkies will be addicted to these machines than were ever addicted to to heroin, cocaine, etc. Certain areas will try and outlaw the machines and will fail. The multitudes of 3D touchy feely movie addicts will hurt the economy all over the world. But millions of people locking themselves in small rooms will alleviate environmental damage.

Besides 3D touchy feely movies many other new drugs that will turn many people into zombies. Some people’s dissatisfaction with this future life will give the Amish a huge revival. Millions of people will join their horse and buggy life style. However, because the millions of Amish will refuse to use modern agricultural methods on limited land they will have a lot of famines over the years and many Amish will starve to death.

Even though there will be few traditional male-female relationships, except among the Amish and similar cults in Asia, women will still get themselves banged up with black market sperm bank turkey basters. Each person will be allowed only one offspring eventually. The police will confiscate illegal babies and exterminate them. Because the police will not enforce this everywhere and will be bribed population levels will never really decrease.

There will be cures for cancer and AIDS but new diseases will spring up all the time. People, mainly in upper classes who still eat some real food and are less addicted to drugs and touchy feely cubicles, who are 90 years old will look and feel like they are 40. However, many of these people will develop sexual fetishes for old people with wrinkles, baggy skin and flabby asses. These people will go to plastic surgeons to look like old people.

Love and Family Life
Perhaps you are thinking what about the natural impulse for human love? Will computerized TV sex cubicles stamp that out? It is already happening. Just look at high rates of divorce in developed countries. Modern man is fixated on personality cults via movies and TV. High definition computerized touchy feely 3D TVs will only isolate humans even more from each other. Children growing up in two parent families will be rare. It will be common to feed children drugs to keep them under control in this environment. That is already happening–it will only get worse.

Because of the ease of operating computer systems people will not read. Only 20% of the people, even in Europe and America, will be literate.

Here are some of the highly addictive hi-tech drugs that people will be hooked on:

Glutonoid: This drug will make you crap out your food so that you will never gain weight. But since your nourishment will get depleted you will have to eat 10 times the amount that a normal person eats. So people will take this drug to lose weight and crave and eat more food than ever even though other people in the world are starving.

The Anti-sex pill: This will be pushed by religious cults to get people out of their touchy feely 3D movie cubicles and into religious cubicles where you hear sermons and have R rated sex with Jesus. By this time R rated sex will be what we consider G rated kiddie stuff. In order to turn men on to Jesus he will be depicted as a sexy hermaphrodite. For the strictly heterosexual men there will be pills that make you gay so you can love Jesus. Most religious cults, except for the Amish, will be based on sex.

There will be all kinds of pills that will make you horny: female Viagras, super Viagra, Spanish fly for real that lasts for a week. However, very few people will have sex with each other. They will have sex with computers/machines. Some people will push an anti sex drug that will attempt to block a person’s sex drive. But it will not work very well. So doctors will discover that the way to rip people away from the touchy feely 3D movie cubicles will be to give them a pill that makes you even more horny. Anything will arouse folks on the horny pill: fire hydrants; trees (this will give a new meaning to tree hugger); furniture; animals; household appliances; you name it. So in the future, because of this drug, it will be common to see people having sex and humping things like cars (if they still exist), garbage cans, etc. However, at least it will get people out of touchy feely 3D movie cubicles.

A new scientific genius along the lines of Einstein and Hawkings will come up with the Unified Field Theory. Part of this theory will disprove that God exists and prove there is no afterlife. Nonetheless, even more people in the future will be illiterates who believe in God, that the world is flat (a new resurgence in this belief will come about), leprechauns, sea monsters, UFO alien abductions, witches, astrology, etc. A huge part of the world wide economy will be wasted on the superstition industry–lucky charms, rabbits feet, voodoo dolls, DVDs (books will be obsolete) on all kinds of ways to cast spells, etc.

If civilization does not collapse it will be because the extremely energy inefficient car based suburbs will contract. Many people will end up living in 100 story skyscrapers. Some people may go years without even setting foot on the ground. This is less absurd than someone in 1910 saying that people will travel everywhere in cars and many people will never walk.

World Governments and Political Structure
The nation state will be less powerful and share power with amorphous corporations, agricultural (not oil) cartels, religious cults, and computer operating systems. You are maybe wondering, “Computer operating systems controlling the world?” Do I mean some sort of super artificial intelligence, or what? In the future computers will be libraries, bill collectors, you will pay your rent to the computer, computers will fabricate things for you. (For example, you broke a dish. You will not go to the store and buy a new one. You will have your computer fabricate one just like printing a document nowadays.) All media will be channeled through the computer and most people will be illiterate. Computers will provide you with sex via touchy feely 3D movies. So who will control the computers? Some people will say no one really controls them–they will be a reflection of the people that use them. Others will make the case that some folks are controlling aspects of the computer networks. Others will come up with all kinds of conspiracy theories. Terrorists will not be a big thing in the future because there will be no clear cut enemy to scapegoat. Also the Muslim religion will go out of style except for Amish like cults in a few places. The severe desert that created the repressive middle Eastern religions will give way to new Gardens of Babylon watered with fusion powered desalinated sea water. (Perhaps nuclear fusion will not ever be realized but some massive employment of natural gas and wind and solar power will empower the world.) This and touchy feely 3D movies will be too much competition for Islam. However, there will still be starvation in the Middle East.

Space Travel
Some time in the future after fusion technology or some other form of sustainable energy is going strong and the world is enriched rich corporations and geeks will develop a space program to colonize and explore space. After a few years of trying to go to Mars at enormous expense, many astronauts will get killed in accidents. The complications of space survival will kill most astronauts. Eventually humans will regard space travel as a huge waste of time and money. is predicting this: Humans will never colonize space. Anyone who thinks there is future for man in space is sci-fi techno geek out of touch with the reality that we are connected to Earth in a million year evolutionary process. We cannot live or survive in different gravity, with different light and atmospheres.

In the beginning we said that this scenario might not happen because civilization may collapse. How will that play out? Has it already started? Stay tuned.