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The MCT Health Care Plan That Will Save America & The Economy

The MCT Health Care Plan That Will Save America & The Economy

Here it is: The Four Step MCT Health Care Plan

Step 1: No Public Health Care-and that includes Medicare-and Mandatory Private Health Insurance. The insurance industry is fighting to keep out the public plan so they can keep their profits. What is so bad about the insurance industry making a lot of money? Doctors and sick people fill in shit loads of insurance forms. How would you like to read this paper work for a living? I would have to get a shit load of money for doing that tedious stuff also. Suppose the public health insurance opponents are right. The government would mess up the health care system. So, as the insurance industry desires, we go without a public plan. Then the government should make it the law that everyone buys private health care insurance. Let the insurance companies continue doing whatever they want without government regulation. If they want to deny someone coverage that is their business. However, if you are not sick you must, by law, pay premiums. What will happen?


This will result in even bigger profits for the health care insurance industry. Right now the American health insurance industry adds 30% to all medical costs.(link ) For many of you the word, “parasite” comes to mind. But we don’t think parasite is the right word. We think the right term is trickle down. We had an article last week about the trickle down bailout system.(link) With many health insurance executives making astronomical profits they will leave big tips to restaurant workers, garbage men, gardeners, who will then be able to pay the high premiums. This trickle down system is bound to work and an example of how a system that appears to be parasitic will actually boost the economy.

Step 2: Cut Government Anti Smoking Propaganda, Continue Subsidizing Junk Food-Such as High Fructose Corn Syrup, Promote Junk Food, And Tax Healthy Foods. We also need to cut exercise–perhaps by eliminating sports and PE programs in schools. This all seems counter-intuitive. Especially when radical publications like the Wall Street Journal publish articles (link) that make the case that the rotten diet that many Americans eat, the lack of exercise and smoking adds 40% to American health care costs. But many people are gainfully employed in the health care industry. Bad food and lack of exercise create medical problems, that is business for the health care industry. Bad health is a job creation program. Take these three countries: Japan, Italy and France. Almost everyone in those countries eats healthy, good food. Even England, not famous for fine cuisine, has much less crap in their grocery stores compared to American supermarkets. Superficially you can look at this and say, “Ah ha! The better food is one reason why these countries pay half that Americans pay for health care.” But aren’t they setting themselves up for more unemployment? The US will have more people on sick leave in all industries because of poor diet and corporations will need to hire more people. Hospitals, clinics, and all the supporting industries create jobs for millions of people. A healthy populace means less jobs. More unemployment leads to poverty, which leads to even poorer health and starvation down the road. So in the long run the countries mentioned may be setting themselves up for unemployment, poverty and the result will be even poorer health than in America.

Step 3: Cut out the middle men: Something you hear very little about in the health care debate: The huge mal-practice premiums that doctors must pay. It is crazy that people pay premiums to insurance companies who pay doctors so that they can pay premiums to insurance companies. So cut out the middle men! Just what are those damn doctors for anyways? Aren’t they the ones causing all the lawsuits? And if we had no doctors we would have no one to sue.

Step 4: Cut Off All Medicare And Social Security After The Age of 65: Cut off after the age of 65? Yes. You read that right. The idea is that if you get to that age and you haven’t figured out how to provide for yourself you should fall victim to the the elements. Should an old person live as a parasite in a pyramid scheme like Social Security and Medicare? What kind of dignified life is that anyway? And the old people are the ones who messed up the world and made it like it is. Both Medicare and Social Security will soon be insolvent. It is the old people who elected the politicians who created this boondoggle. So why should we continue to print money to pay them? Let them suffer the consequences of not managing their own lives and needing government money. And let them suffer the consequences of creating a terrible government that made the mess of Social Security and Medicare in the first place.