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Bush Blow Out Transvestite Ball In White House


Shocking Pictures! MCT Exclusive! We Were There With A Hidden Camera!

The President, Vice President & cabinet members partook in a beauty contest. The President won after a controversy with the vote counting. President George W. Bush shocked everyone the last night of his presidency and threw a huge transvestite ball in the White House. Conservative Republicans who credit Bush for his strong moral stance are outraged. Not only Bush, but Vice President Dick Cheney, Treasury Secretary Paulson and Ex-Secretaries Rumsfield, Powel, Gonzales and other high ranking government officials  showed up in lavish feminine attire. It was a perverted going away ball for all the current and ex-cabinet members. Only Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice did not show up because she had nothing to wear. Perhaps they thought as everyone was paying attention to the Obama party no one would pay attention to this outrageous event. But MCT was there with a hidden camera.

The President showed a penchant for red dresses and put

on a few different extravagant red gowns during the night. At one point President Bush made the entire cabinet dress up in red dresses and compete in a cabinet beauty contest. It was unclear who got the most votes. It looked like Rumsfield won but after some disagreement with the vote counting Bush won.

Political commentators are saying that Bush and the cabinet buckled under pressure from trouble in Iraq, VP Cheney wore a striking purple gown. Cheney, in a wheel chair during the Obama inauguration sprained his leg because of his wild dancing.the failure to find weapons of mass destruction, the economic crisis, etc. “The stress drove them batty at the end–not to say they were not nuts before,” said Washington Post political columnist Barry Ziegenfelter. “Nonetheless, it is amazing to learn that the whole cabinet was made up of transvestites.”

While conservative Republicans are outraged several Democrats are also leery of the President and the cabinet’s motives for having a transvestite ball. “We saw that in Bush’s last week as president he was desperate about leaving a with a good impression and a favorable legacy,”  says Democratic congressional aid Putney McBlingom. “But as the polls attest–everyone still hates him. Perhaps he thought at least he could gain favor with gays and transvestites.”

The President loves red dresses!

Bucey Tuchoos, a hair dresser from Miami, Florida who likes to wear women’s clothing had mixed reactions, “Although I applaud Bush’s taste in clothing and his reaching out to the transvestite community, the fact is that he opposed gay marriage. President Bush did seem to relish in red dresses. Perhaps Democrats should dress up in women’s clothing and out-do the Republicans. While Michelle Obama looked very elegant at the inauguration I would love even more to see Barack Obama in a dress.”

Others like Psychologist Herbert Hoonvee say that, “Perhaps there were no political motivations in having a White House blow out drag ball. They managed to keep the party off limits to most of the press. Their motives for having a transvestite ball underscore a deep seated psychological need. Often highly successful and powerful men are driven by unusual sexual proclivities. Throughout history powerful leaders are marked by their unusual sexual preferences and behaviors. We only have to look at Bill Clinton and J. Edgar Hoover to know this. Many historians have uncovered evidence that other past Presidents and government leaders engaged in bizarre sexual behaviour. Alberto Gonzales, took to guzzling beer after he got kicked out of his Attorney General job. That did not stop him from donning this elegant silk gown--thanks to a skillful retrofit!Treasury Secretary Paulson

The Bush camp is saying nothing about the episode except for a brief press memo that stated, “There is nothing odd or unusual about a little clowning around and dressing up in funny clothes. Even presidents and cabinet members like to have a little fun once in a while–and to look glamorous.”

There used to be fighting between the State and Defense departments. But Bush wanted all to end on a good note so he made Powel and Rumsfield dance the merengue together.