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US Medical Insurance Complex Cartel To Join Forces With OPEC

US Medical Insurance Complex Cartel To Join Forces With OPEC

A consortium of American doctors, the AMA, all the major health insurance companies, and pharmaceutical conglomerates are all grouping together and joining OPEC. An insurance company executive told MCT that, “The top level officials in the health-care industrial complex finally got together to take this action to protect and preserve our industry and way of life.”

“This is a solid business model that will insure big and continued profits,” said Laughlin Helicaninswarm, a journalist for Big Moat Monopoly Economic Review.

So far the organization has not chosen a new acronym or name yet. But here are some of the new name ideas:


OPPPRESION (The Organization for Physicians, Pharmaceuticals, Petroleum Region Exporting States, and Insurance Operation Networks.)

PISCRAP: (Petroleum and Insurance Societies And Countries And Regions Aligned For Profit)

HUGEOPECR (Health Underwriter Groups, Energy, Organization Petroleum Exporting Countries and Regions)

“Wow! You gotta admire those health-care conglomerates,” stated Zipzinger Institute health-care analyst Dr. Berford Bellingduckdocks at the Hoboken, Oregon think tank. “Those guys will be the envy of every CEO and corporation in the world. They already control 17% of the American economy. Their merger with OPEC will enable them to dominate the American economy like Microsoft has dominated computer software. With this advance I think several health care moguls will amass fortunes greater than Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Just when the health industry cartel was in the corner for scalping the American public! They thought they would have to compromise by going along with health insurance reform–but at least the government would make it law that everyone buy their product. So maybe they thought they would survive. But then the government tried to put in the public option. The insurance cartel thought if they had to compete with a huge non-profit organization they would be annihilated. People would see they are unnecessary and useless. Luckily, it was easy to get their hacks in congress to get rid of the public option. But who would have imagined that the American public would go for their socialist government takeover propaganda so strongly? And those Democrats sure helped out their cause by making the bill a complicated 2000 page bureaucratic mumbo jumbo. So they thought, ‘Gads! Maybe we can screw up this whole reform thing! We’re winning the battle! Today America, tomorrow the world!’ Joining OPEC will be the battle maneuver that will solidify their victory.”

Amazing Similarities of Medical, Health Insurance, Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex and OPEC:

Amazing Similarities

Medical/Health Industrial Complex



17% of GDP. Americans outspend 2xs all other industrial nations per capita.

Americans use 2xs more oil than Europe & Japan per capita due to car addiction.


Causes 60% in America.

Imported oil accounts for 50% of trade deficit. (Biggest wealth transfer in history.) Causing entire country to go bankrupt.

Many competing products are pseudo-scientific.

Witch doctors, Homeopathy, snake oil, voodoo.

Ethanol: uses more fossil energy to produce than it puts out.

Other bio fuels: Scientific scrutiny shows they can never scale up to amount to anything, but they will adversely impact food production.(reference)

Fuel from Algae: Scientific scrutiny shows it’s a form of black gold alchemy. (reference)


Viable alternative arrangements get scant attention

A healthy diet & exercise are a much bigger factor in good health than the health care industrial complex. Why not cut income taxes and tax soda pop?

Electrified trains are 20xs more fuel efficient than cars and trucks.(reference)

Pickens Plan



Cartel has worked to maintain low doctor supply insuring higher pay. AMA insists there are enough doctors.


Cartel has worked to maintain low oil supply in 70’s early 80’s insuring higher pay. However, OPEC lost price fixing power for many years due to Russian, North Atlantic & Alaskan oil. Now China is using much oil, and Peak Oil is here, but KSA insists there is enough oil.

Industry Performance Rating

WHO ranks the US #37

Yale & Columbia Univs. Environmental Performance Index ranks the US #61

Dress code Doctors wear white. Middle Eastern oil tycoons wear white.