Friends Don’t Let Friends

A MCT Public Service Campaign:

Friends Don’t Let Friends….

Unless you’ve been in a cave for the last several years you have probably heard the phrase, “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.” We at MCT thought if so many people are too stupid to know not to get plastered and race around in a car they are also too stupid to know not to do many other things. Their friends should not limit their intervention with only drunk driving. So here is the MCT public service campaign, “Friends Don’t Let Friends…”

Not only do we have a slick message for, “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk.” We
also have banners and catchy jingles for, “Friends don’t let friends talk”; “Friends don’t let friends vote”; “Friends don’t let friends go out on the street”; “Friends don’t let friends go to law school”; and “Friends don’t let friends fuck.”

Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk
You are stupid and a fool
You don’t know a car at your shit faced command
Is a dangerous tool
I will take the keys from your hand
I’ll find a tub of ice water and give your a head a dunk
Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk



Friends Don’t Let Friends Talk
Now you probably got some opinion you’d like to interject now
Just shut up–anyone would rather listen to the fart of a cow
You already look stupid,
Why confirm it with your verbal nonsense
Nothing you can say will be of consequence
If you talk I’ll shove my fist in your face
Your rants will offend anyone in the human race
I’ll save you from being a hated laughing stalk
Friends don’t let friends talk



Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote
Couldn’t the country be run better by a goat?
Do you wonder why the government is a mess?
The answer is simple–there’s no need to guess
Too many idiots voting for morons
And you are involved in those shenanigans
If a wise man runs for office he always loses–it’s incessantly the same
So on election day I’ll tie you up with a chain
You, my friend, are a blockhead — with your influence there’s no hope
You’ll only vote for the biggest dope
The chance you’ll ever choose wisely is remote
Friends don’t let friends vote



Friends Don’t Let Friends Go To Law School
A music school full of deaf people is ridiculous
Likewise, a school of greedy dunces has no beneficial stimulus
Someone’s got to stop this educational fiasco
If your dumb friends attend law school just don’t let them go
Keep them inside and out of site
Don’t let them get a law degree and become a parasite
Friends don’t let friends go to law school




Friends don’t let friends go out on the street
I’ll save you from alarmed stares that you’ll meet
Why scare old ladies and nice children in public?
Cops will only arrest and lock you up

I’ll chain you up in your home
But if you must venture out and roam
Please cover your hideous face with a bag or a sheet
Friends don’t let friends go out on the street




Friends Don’t Let Friends Fuck
If a woman is stupid enough to fuck you
She might be dumber than a shoe
And a shoe is nearly as stupid as you!
You would probably get her pregnant
Just what we need another moron mutant!
So if you get friendly with some chick
I will take an axe to your dick
The world is teeming with many a stupid fool
I will not permit you to add another to the pool
Friends don’t let friends fuck