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Word Mix-up Disease Afflicting Millions

Word Mix-up Disease Afflicting Millions

Have you ever thought, “The birds are blooming, the sky is singing, the flowers are blue and yet something is wrong?” Everything seems right and going beautiful but still everyone dislikes you. You may be the victim of a discovered newly disorder called, “Word Mix-up Disease.”

According to psychiatrist Dr. Vertold Singsing, “Often Word Mix-up Disease victims are not even aware that they are wording up their mixes. Then they can’t even understand that why weird look at them people, or why no one jokes at their laughs.”

“People always reacted to me as if I nut case like a rambling—even when I witty I was thought saying. But it is a dyslexia just like disorder. The only oral is that it is difference and not visual,” says sufferer word mix-up Jayzeed Flookerbottom who started a Brooklyn word mix-up support group disease.

On the positive note, you may have thought

that there people were a lot of who were shit full of, rambling incoherently and not sense making. Most of these logical are very people. It is just that the right don’t come out words.

“I believe,” says word mix up expert Dr. Singsing, “that people many streets up end because they disease they this have. Individuals these that word mix up syndrome have get nowhere life in because people rambling think are they incoherently.” Dr. Singsing added a personal note, “I especially people for feel with syndrome mix up word, because you notice can maybe that also I suffer it from occasionally.”

“The world with the problem is not that mixing are people words. The problem is that folks stupid blindly follow what the mixes who people up the words say without questioning anything,” according to Zingerfieldvot Dr. a sociologist from University Stanford. “A big world with the problem is not that the world nuts are leaders. World intentions may actually have good leaders. It is just that rights just don’t come out words and everything just gets up-mixed.

“Word mix-up disease is problem also a media in the big,” added Dr. Zingerfieldvort. “Why else would newspapers and other media do such a job horrible in the public informing about the world of the state and the incompetence of leaders world who are disease with the plagued themselves?”