Have you ever got a junk mail ad for a magazine? MCT advocates the death penalty for spammers and junk mailers. But if we sent a bulk advertisement out like those you used to get before the Internet got big it would be like this:

Where do intelligent and inquisitive readers like yourself go to get an unorthodox and an “out of the box” perspective on contemporary issues? For nearly five years’s unique voice has been enlightening on-line readers with broad range of timely and timeless articles found nowhere else. From healthcare to fashion, to sports and current events has led the way on the Internet giving brilliant minds, geniuses, political leaders, top CEOs and losers like yourself the information they demand and need to get ahead in today’s topsy-turvy world.

But not only do we think gives you vital information to get ahead, choose winning stocks, form your educational basis for making breakthrough scientific advances, combat global ignorance and eradicate deadly diseases like cancer. We also believe can also inform you on how to live the good life.  

We have had articles on new mouthwatering culinary trends such as, New Craze In Cuisine For The Rich:  Mashed Donkey Brains! for example. We have published exposes about people with good taste defending traditional cuisine with articles like, Mafioso Thugs Terrorizing “Low Carb” Restaurants.  In this article we exposed the new face of the Mafia as a force of good stamping out the ridiculous low carb diet fad. And look, a few years later you don’t hear about the low carb bullshit anymore. We like to think we had an influence along with the Mafia in stamping out “low carb” stupidity.

We have had ground breaking articles on health issues. Did you know that many water supplies contain a chemical that will make you believe you are Elvis Presley? You aren’t mistaken if you thought there are a lot of Elvis impersonators around. Only wrote about this (Mad Scientist Puts Chemical In Water Supply That Will Turn Everyone In The Whole World Into Elvis Impersonators).  Thousands of readers learned how to safeguard themselves from the heartbreak of becoming an Elvis impersonator.

But there is another health menace facing the world today. It is a huge drain on our economy and causes needless suffering across the globe. But is the only major publication that has given attention to this serious health epidemic: It is the problem of chronic hypochondria. We talked to doctors on the forefront of this issue who made the case that many dead people are not really dead but that they have a severe case of hypochondria. Read this article and find out how you can safeguard your health. (Many Dead People Are Not Really Dead But Suffer From A Severe Form Of Hypochondria)

Not only have we been on the forefront of covering health but we also are on the vanguard of sports coverage. However, we cover sports unlike any other publication. Frankly we are tired of the same old sports coverage and we have given attention to the sports of the future: “Live Turkey Parachuting,” “Live Cat Soccer,” “Pin The Tail On The Live Donkey,” and Dwarf Tossing are just some of the exciting sports that you do not hear about anywhere else because of political correctness. has always stood against the against the censorship of political correctness and told it like is. We don’t conform to the fashions of the day. But, as we are twenty years ahead of everyone, we do write about the fashions of the future. Only MCT wrote about the new fashions like, “Rich Wackos Using Poor People For Furniture,” and “Live Cat Fur Jackets.”

In Politics has always cut through BS with an insightful view. We exposed the stupidity of political propaganda/advertising in the US today. We offered Hillary Clinton $29.95 to pose nude as a more honest form of political advertising that appeals to the emotions. She ignored our offer and most likely because of that mistake she lost to Obama. (So then we reduced our offer to $19.95. But now that she is Secretary of State we may renew our offer at $24.95.) We obviously had a big influence in the election. We also were instrumental in defeating McCain because he defaced our website with his ads via Google. (see FAQ) We were the only publication that exposed Bush, and his cabinet in a wild transvestite party in the White House. In this complicated world it is difficult to make sense out of who wields the power that makes things the way they are. MCT wrote about Hieme Smielsmucker. Who is he? He is a short, bald, fat guy in New Jersey who actually is more powerful than anyone and controls the world. No other publication exposes the truth about the world power structure like MCT.

So whether it is sports, politics or health is the world’s leading Internet publication.  But MCT goes even beyond that and also covers other vital issues that others miss. We write about sexually perverted space aliens, zombies and their infiltration into our society, vampires, mutating tomatoes, chickens, noses and we report Frank Sinatra sightings (Yes, he is alive)! These are the topics that you need to keep abreast of in today’s world!