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Scientist Discovers That Many People Who Appear To Be Alive Are Actually Dead A Person lies dead in a morgue and his finger nails and hair continue to grow. A chicken with his head cut off runs around. Scientists say electrical energy in nerves make it possible for a headless chicken to run around. But human nerve structure

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MAFIOSO THUGS TERRORIZING “LOW CARB” RESTAURANTS Italian Food Lovers Say “Low Carb” Trend Is Terrorizing Good Food Restaurants in Italian sections of cities across America that have advertised “Low Carb” are getting windows broken out and thugs are beating up “low carb” chefs. Panic is sweeping through the restaurant industry. I called up my friend Luigi. Luigi is

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Million if not true

MCT will pay $1,000,000 to anyone who can prove any of our articles are not true. To make a claim for your $1,000,000 send us an email. Please include a Shakespeare sonnet in the subject line and then translate Joyce’s, ‘Finnagans Wake’ into Swahili in the letter body. Only original translations will be accepted. Then the next available

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