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Artista Violetta Fadda Mostra Al Mondo Arte Vera

Artista Violetta Fadda Mostra Al Mondo Arte Vera

Un Profilo Biografico
(Click here for the English version.)

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The Russian Nurse

–If it doesn’t show as free on Amazon –it’s free here: Russian Nurse, Smashwords version .. So read it for free & please leave a review on Amazon..

The Russian Nurse, by Brian Friedkin

is now available on!
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You can
get it free at any site that offers ebooks–just search for it.

Artist Violetta Fadda Is Showing The World Real Art

Artist Violetta Fadda Is Showing The World Real Art
A Biographical Profile 

(Clicca qui per la versione italiana)

Click here to go to Amazon & read a wild 35 pg story based on an episode in Violetta Fadda’s life

Or here for free:X-Click-X

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Word Mix-up Disease Afflicting Millions

Word Mix-up Disease Afflicting Millions

Have you ever thought, “The birds are blooming, the sky is singing, the flowers are blue and yet something is wrong?” Everything seems right and going beautiful but still everyone dislikes you. You may be the victim of a discovered newly disorder called, “Word Mix-up Disease.”

According to psychiatrist Dr. Vertold Singsing, “Often Word Mix-up Disease victims are not even aware that they are wording up their mixes. Then they can’t even understand that why weird look at them people, or why no one jokes at their laughs.”

“People always reacted to me as if I nut case like a rambling—even when I witty I was thought saying. But it is a dyslexia just like disorder. The only oral is that it is difference and not visual,” says sufferer word mix-up Jayzeed Flookerbottom who started a Brooklyn word mix-up support group disease.

On the positive note, you may have thought

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Google Attempts To Censor Meltingclocktimes

Google Attempts To Censor

Has Google Jumped The Shark? & Is It Turning Into Just Another Giant Bureaucratic Quagmire Bullshit Corporation?

If you have been on MCT before you may have noticed there were Google ads on the left column that are not there anymore. In fact, don’t you think the site looks better without that crap there? The AdamEve ad on the right looks much better and generates four times the revenue that the Google ads did–(for MCT-who knows what Google’s take is?)

So why are the Google ads gone? We should have got rid of that crap sooner. However, Google decided to do us the favor and stopped the ads themselves. A Google Elf named, “Adsence-Noreply” sent us an email that said unless we change “violations” they would cut off the ads. In other words, Google tried to censor MCT. Just who the fuck are they to tell us what content to publish? If Google doesn’t want to get involved with porno that is their business. But MCT is not a porno site, it is a satire site.

The email said change a page, which may be only an example-or maybe not. And I guess it meant change similar things, even though most everything on MCT is unique. Since no one will tell MCT what to publish we did nothing. We would have told Google to fuck off, but it is impossible to reach a real person at Google. And just how do you respond to “noreply” anyway? So Google cut the ads.

What page was it that they didn’t like?

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